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Malady Maidens: Kickstarter is now live!

Dive into the world of the "Malady Maidens" as our Kickstarter campaign goes live! Explore stunning miniatures, each with their unique story, perfect for collectors and gamers alike. Don't miss the early-bird specials and join us in this thrilling adventure. Your support can unlock even more exciting options. Let's bring these captivating fantasy women to life together. Join the adventure now!

The excitement peaks as the “Malady Maidens” Kickstarter campaign is now live! Immerse yourself in a realm where five extraordinary fantasy figures await to join your collection or game table. This momentous launch brings you closer to owning stunning miniatures, each bursting with unique stories and charm. With stretch goals to enhance your experience and early-bird specials for quick supporters, the adventure is just beginning. Embrace the magic and become part of this journey to bring the Malady Maidens to life. Join us in this celebration of fantasy and creativity—your adventure with the Malady Maidens starts now!

For updates and to support the campaign, visit our Kickstarter page here and subscribe for notifications at this link. Let’s make this launch a grand success together!

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