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Evelyn Thornehart


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Prepare to be enchanted by Evelyn Thornehart, the elven archer whose captivating pinup pose is about to steal the spotlight on your tabletop. Crafted with the kind of attention to detail that’ll have your gaming group buzzing, this 3D printed miniature is the perfect blend of fantasy and flair.

Evelyn stands ready, bow in hand, her piercing gaze daring you to challenge her unparalleled marksmanship. But don’t let that fierce expression fool you – this elven beauty radiates a captivating charm that’ll have your players clamoring to add her to their collections. Whether you opt for the 32mm or the larger 75mm scale, Evelyn’s lithe frame and meticulously sculpted features will bring your games to life with a level of artistry that’s simply unmatched.

So, fellow enthusiasts, are you ready to welcome Evelyn Thornehart into your realm? This is no ordinary miniature – it’s a work of art, a testament to the passion and precision that goes into every Prosody Prints creation. Bring home this enchanting archer and watch as she steals the show, one arrow and one heart at a time.


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